Bunny Girl Weekly Progress Report — — 03th-Mar-2022

  1. $BNGT List on Coinmarketcap and get Gainers Top 3
  2. $BNGT price get 4.5 x pump
  3. Airdrop Round 1 distribution
  4. $BNGT Trading & Holder commpetition end and Winner list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13aRbJsAsVKzZsMmJynnEznJShwfaGOYfUNINYUs8OB8/edit?usp=sharing
  1. New website testing ,the update around 20th March
  2. Bunny Girl NFT mint testing, upload the NFT girls pic and data
  3. Bunny Box sale testing
  4. Coingecko Listing
  5. The Front UI fixed and SQL data write
  6. Airdrop round 2 winner data write to SQL
  7. List event with Bitmart , the details will ann later



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Bunny Girl Universe

Bunny Girl Universe

Dear Masters, Welcome to Bunny Girl Universe ! More Infos , Please visit our official website http://bunnygirlnft.com/