Bunny Girl Weekly Progress Report — — 7th-Feb-2022

  1. Bunny Girl Airdrop Round 2 for Bunny Box NFT launched and living now
  2. Make AMA whit ACY Finance and the rewards of ask question winner
  3. Affected by market conditions and holidays, delayed the IDO and Pinksale
  4. The number of followers on twitter has arrvied 86k
  5. Completed the bounty campaign
  1. Make AMA and Presale on Pinksale
  2. Make IDO on daostarter and acy finance
  3. List $BNGT on pancakswap
  4. Completed all airdrop event and ann the winners
  5. Completed the presale on our website
  6. Testing the bunny box purchase system
  7. Testing the NFT mint smart contract



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Bunny Girl Universe

Bunny Girl Universe

Dear Masters, Welcome to Bunny Girl Universe ! More Infos , Please visit our official website http://bunnygirlnft.com/